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Flow Chart Icons Meaning: A comprehensive Guide

Flowcharts are a universal language in the world of business, engineering, software development, and various other fields. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive dictionary of flowchart icons, helping you decipher the Flow Chart Icons meanings and enhance your flowcharting skills.

Dictionary: Flow Chart Icons Meaning

Flow Chart Icons Meaning Dictionary

Flow Chart Icons serve as a visual representation of processes, making complex procedures easier to understand. At the core of every flowchart are its icons, which symbolize specific actions, decisions, or steps. Here is a dictionary of the meanings of flowchart symbols:

Basic symbols

Terminator / Oval


The oval shape, called the terminator, is used to represent the start and end of a process in a flowchart. You can easily add this shape using the Gliffy flowchart tool. Remember to use the same symbol again to indicate the completion of your flowchart.

Process Icon / Rectangle


The rectangle symbol is commonly used in flowchart diagrams to represent process steps, such as tasks or actions in a process. It serves as a versatile tool for capturing various stages of a workflow.

Flow, Position / Arrows

arrow icon

Illustrates the flow of the process from one step to another. Connect icons to show the sequence of actions in your flowchart.

Decision Icon / The Diamond


Indicates a branching point where a decision needs to be made. Use it to represent a choice or conditional statement in your flowchart.

Document Symbols

Single Document


Multiple Document


Represents documentation or record-keeping. Use it to indicate where documents or records are generated or required.

Data Symbols

Stored Data

The Diamond


Paper Tape

tape icon

Internal Storage

internal storage

Data symbols are used in flowcharts to indicate the storage location of the referenced data. While the paper tape symbol is not commonly used nowadays, it was a valuable tool in the past.

Merging & Connecting Symbols


merge icon

Used when seperate Flows joined together

Off-Page Connector


Show that the flow continues on the next page



Display flow across multiple charts


added or pulled data from the flow

Input & Output Symbols

Manual Operation


Manual adjustments to the flowchart

Manual Input


Manual entered data


Information shown to the user


added or pulled data from the flow

Additional Useful Flowchart Symbols



Manual adjustments to the flowchart

Loop Limit


Beginning or end of
a repeating step in the shown process



Defines a waiting time in the flowchart


collate icon

Compares different conditions with each other

Direct Access

direct access flow- icon

Direct Access to the Data



Further in the process when two conditions are true


A process is being prepared



Conclusion: Flow Chart Icons Meaning

Flowchart icons are the building blocks of effective process visualization. Understanding the Flow Chart Icons Meanings is essential for creating clear and comprehensible flowcharts. By using this comprehensive dictionary as a reference, you can confidently decode and create flowcharts that communicate complex processes with ease. Whether you’re a project manager, programmer, or business analyst, mastering flowchart icons is a valuable skill that can enhance your ability to convey information and make informed decisions in your field.

Overview: Flow Chart Icons Meaning

An overview of more than 40 flow chart icons meanings to help you interpret flowcharts.

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