3000+ Consistent Icons: No Subscription. Lifetime use.

3000+ Consistent Icons: No Subscription. Lifetime use.

IconUncle offers you a variety of visually consistent icons in one central place.

3000+ Consistent Icons: No Subscription. Lifetime use.

A massive icon library

Over 3,000 line icons from various topics that you can use for jobs as a freelance designer. See the full symbol library catalog.

Highlight content with style

The entire icon library is based on a single design grid. So the styles can be perfectly combined. This gives you stylish design options to highlight content.

why iconuncle

All the icons you need,
in one place you’ll love.

Extended right of use

All icons can be used without attribution in any of your commercial projects. Use as many icons as you want for your website, presentations and promotional materials.

Unlimited monthly downloadscheck
For unlimited projectscheck
No limitation by the number of calls or project budgets check
No Attribution requiredcheck

Seamless integration
into PowerPoint.

The Microsoft-verified add-in allows you to integrate icons into your presentation without leaving the application window. The interface is based on Microsoft guidelines and integrates seamlessly with powerpoint.


Styling Options

4 beautiful styles to give your message more impact.


3,000×4 Icons

This icon library covers 99% of your icon needs.


Multiple Sets

For a wide range of business fields and usecases.


Timeless Design

A minimalist design with no trendy effects to keep your content looking fresh for years to come.

Easy Coloring

Adjust colors and line widths directly in your production environment.

Lossless Scaling

Change the size of the icons without loss of quality.

Easily Recognizable

Icons are easily recognizable even when displayed in small size

Small File Sizes

Smallest file sizes for the efficient use of your data storage.

What can I do with these visually consistent icons?

Design beautiful slides, reports, flowcharts, documents, infographics and whatever else you can think of.

icons for powerpoint workflows


Create easy-to-understand flow diagrams for business processes and workflows.

icons for service and quality

Service & quality

Highlight the quality of your services and products with an appropriate icon.

icons for financial reports

Financial & IR reports

IconUncle helps you create clear company reports and sales dashboards.

sustainibilty report icons

Sustainability reports

Icon styles help you visually communicate topics even better to your target audience.



Different styles help you to highlight hover and active status elegantly

signs and navigation icons


Create visually consistent signs for buildings, conferences, hotels and restaurants.

IconUncle vs other Marketplaces

IconUncle is an application that provides quick and easy access to a unique icon library and offers many advantages over image portals.

ProviderImage portalsIconUncle
Consistent Icons:
All offered icons fit together stylistically. Consistent Icons saves time in the search and optimizes your corporate design.
Carefree use:
Right of use independent of call-up and circulation figures.
Unlimited downloads:
Monthly downloads are free of quotas.
More favorable conditions:
No commission fees to image portal operators.
Editable file formats:
All offered icons can be customized in color and edited.
Seamless integration with PowerPoint:
Certified add-in according to Microsoft’s Usability Guidelines.


What is consistency in icon design?

Consistency in icon design refers to the practice of creating icons that maintain a uniform and cohesive visual style and language. It is an essential principle in graphic and user interface design, ensuring that icons within a set or system share common characteristics to enhance usability and aesthetics.

How do I make my icons consistent?

Consistent icons involves the following key aspects:

  1. Visual Harmony: Icons should adhere to a consistent visual style, including factors like line thickness, color schemes, and shapes. This helps users recognize and understand the icons more easily.
  2. Size and Scale: Icons should be designed with a consistent size and scale to prevent visual clutter and ensure they fit well within the user interface.
  3. Symbolism: Icons should use universally recognized symbols and metaphors, ensuring that their meaning is clear and unambiguous to a broad audience. Avoiding cultural or niche references is important for effective communication.
  4. Grid Alignment: Aligning icons to a grid helps maintain their consistency and ensures they align correctly with other elements in the design.
  5. Contextual Relevance: Icons must be relevant to their intended use and the context in which they appear. Their meaning should remain consistent throughout the user experience.
  6. Color Palette: Icons should adhere to a predefined color palette, creating a cohesive look within a design system or application.
  7. Stroke and Fill: Consistency in the use of strokes (outline) and fills (interior color) in icons helps maintain a coherent style.
  8. Detail Level: Icons should maintain a consistent level of detail, avoiding excessive complexity or oversimplification that might cause confusion.
  9. Accessibility: Consideration of accessibility guidelines is important to ensure that icons are usable and clear to people with disabilities. This includes providing alternative text descriptions and proper color contrast.
  10. Iterative Design: Designers should frequently review and refine icons as a system evolves, ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of users and design goals.
Why is icon consistency important?

Why is it important to create a consistent visual style? Consistent icons not only enhances the aesthetics of a user interface but also contributes to a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. It helps users quickly understand and interact with the interface, reducing the learning curve and improving overall usability.

How do I get the 3000+ visual consistent icons?

Just create an account. After confirming your email address you can log in to the webapp and directly access a variety of free icons. To unlock all icons in all styles you need IconUncle Pro. You can easily upgrade your free account by clicking on the corresponding link. After purchase you have access to all 3000+ visuel consistent icons.

How to Access to IconUncle Pro with all visual consistent icons?
How may i use the visually consistent icons. What rights do i have?

With the purchase of iconuncle pro you can use all visually consistent icons commercially, without having to link to the source. you can use the icons to make infographics, in your presentations on websites in videos without any view count restrictions. there is no subscription fee. with iconuncle pro you can purchase all visually consistent icons for lifetime use. For more licensing info about the consistent icons set, please have a look at this page: