12,000+ Icons for teaching to promote media literacy.

12,000+ Icons for teaching to promote media literacy.

IconUncle offers thousands of icons for teaching and provides educational institutions with affordable licenses for their teachers, staff and students to create engaging classroom materials such as infographics, posters and presentations.


Enable students to learn visual communication skills by expressing themselves in presentations and infographics with symbols.

Icons for teaching help to overcome language barriers

Icons are internationally understandable to a large extent and overcome language barriers. thus, foreign pupils and students also have a better chance of following the teaching materials.

Learning graphic skills

All icons are visually consistent and allow you to create graphically professional infographics. You have the option to color the icons and scale them to any size without loss of quality.

Why IconUncle is the perfect solution for your educational institution.

Access to the icons from everywhere

The icons for the lesson are platform and device-independent. all you need is an ordinary web browser. Pupils, students and employees can also access the icons via tablet.

More focus thanks to PowerPoint integration

Avoid distractions from web image searches. The Microsoft-certified Icon Add-in integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint without exposing you and your students to distractions from web image searches.

Icons directly from the creator

Obtain icons for teaching from a creator who really cares about the maintenance and support of the icon library

FAQ about Icons for Teaching

I would like to obtain the icons for our educational institution. What should I do next ?

Please contact me via the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a license agreement for your educational institution. you are also welcome to try out the icon library beforehand. Just create an IconUncle Free Account to get teaching icons free.

Who may use the icons?

Depending on the license agreement, we can arrange use for teachers, staff, students and pupils.