2,000 Free Icons for Marketing

2,000 Free Icons for Marketing

Create better slides and docs in less time, like a pro!

Better communication.
Better marketing.

With these icons for marketing, you can effortlessly illustrate processes, company values and products.

Covers 99% of your icon needs!

IconUncle Pro contains over 12,000 vector icons that cover many areas of your marketing.

Including icons for marketing, pitch presentations, sustainability reports, financial reports, logistical processes and much more.

Access from anywhere

All icons are stored in the cloud. You can access the icons over the internet from anywhere, no matter what operating system you use. Also via mobile devices like smartphone and tablet.

Easily customizable

Customize the icons to your corporate color. Thanks to the SVG file format, you can easily scale the marketing icons without losing quality.

Icons for Marketing directly in PowerPoint.

With the microsoft certified icon add in you can access all icons directly in powerpoint and work even more pruductively on your marketing presentations.


Technical details

All marketing icons meet the latest technical requirements for trouble-free processing in your marketing department.

lossless scaling icon

Lossless Scaling

Change the size of the icons without loss of quality.

brush edit icon

Easy Coloring

Adjust colors and line widths directly in your production environment.

glass icon

Easily Recognizable

Icons are easily recognizable even when displayed in small size


Styling Options

4 beautiful styles to give your message more impact.


Timeless Design

A minimalist design with no trendy effects to keep your content looking fresh for years to come.

certificate icon

CC BY 3.0 license

Free Icons for commercial and non-commercial projects with attribution

Icons in action

Design beautiful slides, reports, flowcharts, documents, infographics and whatever else you can think of.

icons for powerpoint workflows


Create easy-to-understand flow diagrams for business processes and workflows.

icons for service and quality

Service & quality

Highlight the quality of your services and products with an appropriate icon.

icons for financial reports

Financial & IR reports

IconUncle helps you create clear company reports and sales dashboards.

sustainibilty report icons

Sustainability reports

Icon styles help you visually communicate topics even better to your target audience.



Different styles help you to highlight hover and active status elegantly

signs and navigation icons


Create visually consistent signs for buildings, conferences, hotels and restaurants.

Better communication.
Better marketing.

Illustrate processes, company values, and product with a huge selection of icons for marketing.


Can I use the icons for marketing commercially?

You can use the free collection with 2,000 icons for private AND commercial purposes according to the license terms. When using the free icons you must link to the source. With IconUncle Pro the link is not required.

What is the registration process?

Register for free for the free account. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. You can then log in with your access data. You will now see all icons in the library. If you want to unlock all icons you can do this by clicking the upgrade button. you will then have all the advantages of IconUncle Pro.

Which programs is the icon library compatible with?

You can access the icons with a current web browser regardless of the operating system. Access is also possible via smartphone or tablet. So you can edit your marketing presentations on the go. For the PowerPoint icon add in you should use PowerPoint 2021.

I need custom icons for marketing. Is there a way to order custom icons?

Custom icons for marketing can be ordered through IconUncle Custom Icon Service. An icon designer will then create the icons you want.

I would like to use the marketing icons for my team or a department.

Access to the database is limited to one user. Simultaneous access is not possible with IconUncle Free and IconUncle Pro. IconUncle Boost is available for teams. In it there are numerous productivity features that make the creation of marketing materials even more efficient. Read more on the product page of IconUncle Boost.