Extend your app
with a huge icon library.

Give your users access to a unique icon library and increase the value of your application for your customers.


Features of the icon library

IconUncle’s icon library offers a lot of features and unique selling points. All icons were created by trained designers. Learn more about the icon library.


12,000+ SVG Vector Icons

This icon library covers 99% of your icon needs.


Smart Sorting

For a wide range of business fields and usecases.


Styling Options

4 beautiful styles to give your message more impact.


Timeless Design

A minimalist design to keep your content looking fresh for years to come.

Easy Coloring

Adjust colors and line widths directly in your production environment.

Lossless Scaling

Change the size of the icons without loss of quality.

Easily Recognizable

Icons are easily recognizable even when displayed in small size

Small File Sizes

Smallest file sizes for the efficient use of your data storage.

Why IconUncle is a great solution for your app

Compared to the integration of icons from other marketplaces, IconUncle offers a number of advantages.

  1. More favorable conditions, since you purchase the graphics directly from the producer
  2. A visual unified library that helps your customers comply with design standards
  3. A unique sorting of icons, by presentation topic, so that your users can quickly find the entry and graphics matching the topic.

Contact me and we can discuss how to integrate all icons into your application.