Why IconUncle?

One of the largest visually consistent icon libraries in the world in an app designed to maximize productivity. A license agreement that gives you more freedom to use it. All this directly from the producer who really cares about your satisfaction. That’s why IconUncle is a great deal for you.

Find matching icons
with ease.

An icon library that focuses on visual consistency. This saves you time when searching for icons and enables you to achieve a uniform presentation. Learn more about the icon library

why iconuncle

All the icons you need,
in one place you’ll love.

Specialized icons you won’t find in any other library.

The icon library was designed from the ground up for the use of infographics. You will find many unique icons that will help you explain complex things in one picture.

Timeless design without trending design effects, so your content will look fresh for years to come.

Seamless integration
into PowerPoint.

The Microsoft-verified add-in allows you to integrate icons into your presentation without leaving the application window. The interface is based on Microsoft guidelines and integrates seamlessly with powerpoint.


Simple license conditions

Use the icons for all your private and commercial projects. Compared to other providers, IconUncle has no limit for the number of views e.g. for videos or websites. Learn more about the icon license

Custom Icon Design

Every premium user has the possibility to request new icons which will be added to the library as soon as possible*. So you can get new icons cheaply within your subscription without having to pay an extra designer.

* Available for premium users. The request for new icons is limited to a maximum of 5 icon requests per user per month. Requested icons will be delivered in the style of the icon library. Individual correction phases are not provided. This feature is limited in time.