IconUncle’s SVG icon library

Over 12,000 SVG icons in a timeless design for a wide range of use cases.


Ready for professional use.

Easily integrate the svg icons into your websites or presentations. you can easily change icon colors and enlarge the icons without losing quality. The SVG format requires only a small amount of memory. So you can save space on your hard drive and shorten loading times.

Lossless Scaling

Change the size of the icons without loss of quality.

Easy Coloring

Adjust colors and line widths directly in your production environment.

Easily Recognizable

Icons are easily recognizable even when displayed in small size


Styling Options

4 beautiful styles to give your message more impact.


Timeless Design

A minimalist design with no trendy effects to keep your content looking fresh for years to come.

CC BY 3.0 license

For commercial and non-commercial projects with attribution

All icons in one place you’ll love!

A user-friendly web interface lets you quickly access the icons from anywhere. The responsive design eliminates the need to open and close windows, as the icon library can be easily placed next to your main application.


Seamless integration
into PowerPoint.

The Microsoft-verified add-in allows you to integrate icons into your presentation without leaving the application window. The interface is based on Microsoft guidelines and integrates seamlessly with powerpoint.

About the icon library

IconUncle offers access to an extensive svg icon library, including many free svg icons, released for commercial use. All svg icons in the icon library are based on a uniform design grid. This allows icons to be combined with each other across sets and provides a consistent look and feel for presentations, infographics and documents.


A growing icon library

The icon library receives updates with new icon sets in regular intervals. See the latest updates here:

  • agenda icon for ppt

    Searching for Agenda icons for ppt? Get 10 practical icons.

    See Full Icon Set: Searching for Agenda icons for ppt? Get 10 practical icons.
  • performance-marketing-icon

    New Performance Marketing Icons

    See Full Icon Set: New Performance Marketing Icons
  • digital-marketing-icon

    150+ Digital Marketing Icons: Fully customizable

    See Full Icon Set: 150+ Digital Marketing Icons: Fully customizable
  • Access-icons-set

    Access Icons: For commercial use without risk

    See Full Icon Set: Access Icons: For commercial use without risk

Icons in action

Design beautiful slides, reports, flowcharts, documents, infographics and whatever else you can think of.

icons for powerpoint workflows


Create easy-to-understand flow diagrams for business processes and workflows.

icons for service and quality

Service & quality

Highlight the quality of your services and products with an appropriate icon.

icons for financial reports

Financial & IR reports

IconUncle helps you create clear company reports and sales dashboards.

sustainibilty report icons

Sustainability reports

Icon styles help you visually communicate topics even better to your target audience.



Different styles help you to highlight hover and active status elegantly

signs and navigation icons


Create visually consistent signs for buildings, conferences, hotels and restaurants.

Get access to a free SVG Icon Library

Access to a free symbol library with over 1,750+ icons free for lifetime commercial use.


Are there any restrictions on the use of the free svg icons?

In the free version you have over 1,750 icons at your disposal which you can use for non-commercial and commercial projects free of charge. In one of the best free icon library, for commercial use, attribution is required. That means you have to link to iconuncle.com when using the icons. If you want to use all icons without attribution you can upgrade to IconUncle Pro. In addition, the other license conditions apply.

Why is the SVG format useful for icons?

With SVG icons you have a high degree of flexibility. Unlike other formats such as PNG or JPG, you can easily change the color of the icon and scale it indefinitely without sacrificing quality. In addition, the file size of SVG icons is much smaller. This saves space on your hard drive and reduces loading times. Because of all these advantages, this icon library is in SVG format(library icon vector).


My app does not support the integration of SVG file formats. What can I do?

Older apps cannot currently handle SVG format. This applies to Keynote, Pages and Numbers before version 13.1. If you can’t upgrade your apps anymore, or you are using an app that doesn’t support SVG integration yet, the webapp also provides you with the option to load the icon as a PNG file, which you can then process in almost any program. Please note that then a simple recolor and lossless scaling is no longer possible.

What are the advantages of IconUncle compared to other icon libraries?

IconUncle offers you free icon libraries for commercial use. To unlock all icons you need to subscribe, as usual on many other marketplaces. With an affordable one time payment you can unlock all SVG icons for a lifetime use. For commercial use of the icons no naming or linking is necessary anymore. You also have an extended right of use. You can use the icons independent of the number of views and clicks, for which an expensive additional licensing is necessary with other providers.

Where can I download icons from?

After registration you can easily download the icons in the webapp or in the PowerPoint add-in with the click of a button or integrate them into your presentation.

IconUncle Pro

For Content Creators, Lecturers and Small Business Owners.

  • 12,000+ editable icons
  • Commercial use
  • Lifetime access. No subscription.
  • Uniform Design System
  • Access from anywhere
  • Support the creator ❤️

only 49€