Free Flow Chart Icons

Free Flow Chart Icons

40 Flow Chart Icons available for you anytime and anywhere via the online icon database.

What you get

40 professionally designed icons for all your flowcharts and infographics. including all the basic icons you need to create typical flowcharts plus some enhancements.


4 different Styles

Give your infographics and flow charts a professional look to match the message you want to communicate.

thin icon

Thin Style

Thin design styles for minimalist infographics

line flow chart icon

Outline Style

Outline icons are the basis of many icon designs and fit into many existing designs


Filled Style

Filled flow chart icons to highlight content

sketch icons

Sketchy Style

With the sketchy style your flow charts look more like a draft

Your Flow Chart Icons directly in PowerPoint

With the Microsoft-approved add-in, you can use IconUncle directly in PowerPoint.

flow chart icons powerpoint


Are the icons really free for commercial use

Yes, you can use the icons in all your projects with a link to the author/source. CC 3.0 Creative Commons license

Why should I use these icons

The Flow Chart Icons are part of a huge icon library, which is in the same style as the Flow Chart Icons described here. So you can combine icons from different collections in your infographics and still get a uniform, consistent and professional look. With your registration you will receive beside the Flow Chart Icons 2,000 more free Vector icons for infographics from different themes.

I need custom icons. Can i order a custom icon design from an icon designer here?

Yes you can. IconUncle offers a custom icon design service. You will receive a custom icon design from a professional icon designer, which you can retrieve and use in the IconUncle library.