IconUncle: Office Add-in compatibility

This article gives you information about the Office Add-in compatibility and the requirements to include IconUncle as an add-in.

Why the IconUncle Office add-in does not work on older systems

The icon library is based on modern web technologies to provide the best user experience. Older Office versions use Internet Explorer to display the add-ins, which has been discontinued by Microsoft for some time and is no longer supported.

In order to use IconUncle’s icon library, the Office version must have WebView2 or support Microsoft Edge Chromium-based. If you use windows 11 WebWiew2 should be preinstalled. WebView2 can be installed directly from Microsoft if it is not already pre-installed on your system. This is the case for Windows versions prior to Windows 11.

Differences between retail licenses and volume licenses

Unfortunately there are differences in support for the same version numbers depending on whether it is a retail license or a volume license.

The following table will help you to check if the icon collection or the iconuncle add-in is supported on your system.

Office versionRetail Volume-licensed
Office 365checkcheck
Office 2021checkcheck
Office 2019checkcross
Office 2016checkcross
Office 2013crosscross

Note: All specifications assume that either Windows 11 is installed, or an older Windows version with WebView2 is installed.

Test the add-in on your system without any risk

You get the add-in free of charge so you can test without risk if the add-in works in your PowerPoint version on your system. How to install the add-in in PowerPoint you will learn in this article.

Seamless integration
into PowerPoint.

The Microsoft-verified add-in allows you to integrate icons into your presentation without leaving the application window. The interface is based on Microsoft guidelines and integrates seamlessly with powerpoint.

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