Office 365 Add-In: Insert icons in PowerPoint

The Office Add-In provides direct access to the complete IconUncle library directly in PowerPoint, Word and Excel. This documentation explains how to install and use the add-in. You’ll how to insert icons in PowerPoint. The screenshots were taken from PowerPoint, but are also valid for Word and Excel.


Search the Office Add-Ins Store for IconUncle. Or you can get it here. Here you can add the add-in to your application. You can access the Add-In Store in PowerPoint, Word and Excel via the “Insert” tab.

powerpoint-start-screen 1
How to get the Add-in from the Office Add-Ins Store

Open add-in

After installing the add-in, IcunUncle is located in the Home tab on the right side of the menu bar.

powerpoint-start-screen 2
IconUncle Add-in in Microsoft PowerPoint

Create an account to insert icons in PowerPoint with IconUncle.

Free registration is required to use the add-in. After registration you will get access to the add-in and over 1750 icons, which you can use in your projects. More info about account management you can find here.

Set language

You can easily change the language you want to use to browse the icons in the corresponding menu. By default, the add-in recognizes the language preset in the software. If the default language is not available in the add-in, English will be set by default.

set the search language

How to find the right icon

Type a suitable term for the icon you are looking for into the search field. The term must be entered in the preset language.

icon search in powerpoint add-in
Find icons via global search

Search via collections

All icons are clearly sorted in collections. So you have a suitable icon selection for the topic you are currently working on. Simply select a collection from the drop-down menu.

ppt icon library
Click »Collections« button
icon collection filter
Select the collection

Filter icons by styles

Almost all icons are deposited in different styles. This allows you to create visually consistent documents. You can select the styles via the “Styles” button and filter the view accordingly.

add icons to powerpoint
Filter icons by style

Insert icons in PowerPoint

When moving the cursor over an icon, a button with a plus symbol will appear. When you click the button, the icon is copied directly into the document.

insert icons in powerpoint

The detail view

If you move the cursor over the icon and don’t click on the blue button with the plus symbol, but in the upper half of the icon, you will get to the detail view. Here you can use the “Insert Icon” button to insert the selected icon into your document. You will also get suggestions with similar icons and a hint to the collection this icon comes from.


Create favorites in the ppt icon library

The Premium version allows you to create favorites. This is useful if you often use the same icons in your documents. You can easily mark icons as favorites in the detail view. In the tab “Favorites” at the bottom of the add-in you can see all your favorites clearly arranged. (Only available in Premium version, not in Free and Lifetime)

Mark icon as favourite
Favorites overview

View: Newest

The icon library is constantly updated. This view shows the most recently added icons. The newest icon is at the top of the list.


Icon history view

The add-in remembers the icons you added last to your documents. The history view gives you a quick access to your last used icons.

(Only available in Premium version, not in Free and Lifetime)

icon library for powerpoint

Known issues when insert icons in PowerPoint

  • In the add-in for PowerPoint, after inserting an icon, the editor opens with design suggestions. Unfortunately, the add-in cannot influence this.
  • insert icons in powerpoint via drag & drop is not possible
  • with older office versions only a white window is displayed after starting the add-in. What you can do about it you can read in this article

Notes: Screenshots show the current version when the document was created and may differ.

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