Icons FAQ

This Icon FAQ show you all you need to know about the usage of IconUncle. Learn how to change colors, edit strokes and much more.

In which format are the icons available?
All icons are in SVG format. It allows lossless scaling and requires less disk space than other file formats. In addition, icons can be edited in SVG format.

Can I customize the color of the icons?
Yes, you can easily color icon with your app’s tools (color bucket).

Example in MS PowerPoint

Can I change the line width of the icons?
The icons are merged into a single shape layer to avoid combitability issues. That means there are no lines in the file. only areas. These areas can be extended with outlines in the app, which changes the line thickness of the line icons.

1. Original icon
2. Add a contour in your app (marked red)
3. Result

Why are there no social media icons in the collection?
IconUncle delivers an icon collection with a unified look. Social media icons are naturally different in design because they follow the guidelines of the respective companies. This is one of the reasons why IconUncle’s collection does not include social media icons.

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