FAQ: Icon Design Service

Thank you for your interest in my custom icon design service. In this post I would like to respond to the most frequently asked questions about the Icon Design Service.

How much can a single icon design cost?

There are 3 plans. They depend on how individual you want the icon design to be and how extensive the usage rights are. You can find the current prices on the Custom Icon Design page.

I need many icons. Are there quantity discounts?

For larger orders, the cost per icon is reduced. I offer the following discounts.

50+ icons6% off
100+ icons12% off
Custom Icon Design Discount

What is the exact project process?

A transparent process that is comprehensible and fair for both sides is particularly important to me. This view describes the procedure when the customer orders a customized icon style.

1. Style definition

In a questionnaire we clarify with 8 – 10 simple questions which icon style you prefer.


2. Trial phase

Of course you want to make sure we’re a good fit. To test this you simply order 3 icons for $200 + VAT. In two editing rounds we will find out if we can deliver the style you want.


3. Let’s go

If you are satisfied with the result of the test round, we will determine the terms and usage rights and discuss the specific needs of your company.


4. Design process

In up to three editing rounds i will give everything to deliver the perfect icon design. Each editing round takes a maximum of 5 working days. at the beginning of the order 1/3 of the defined payment is due.

5. Acceptance

You get all usage rights and the icons as svg and png file. The remaining 2/3 of the compensation has to be paid. On successful completion you get back the 200$ from the previous test order. For each editing round you don’t use you get an additional 5% discount


6. Feedback

I take my job as an icon designer very seriously. Every feedback helps me to become better. that’s why i will ask you for a short feedback on my work at the end of the job.

What is the maximum duration of the icons design process?

The length of the design process depends largely on the client’s response time. If the response time is short, the custom icon design service (for orders of up to 200 icons) should be completed within a month.

How do we best communicate with each other?

I serve clients all over the world. Because of the time difference, communication via e-mail is the preferred method.

What do we get at the end of the order?

At the end of the order you will receive your ordered icons, pixel perfect in SVG file format. This allows you to make color adjustments and lossless scaling. You also receive the agreed usage rights to continue using the icons.

Why we should order the custom icon design service from you?

With years of experience since completing my design studies in 2009 and extensive practical expertise in creating over 25,000 icons used worldwide by millions, I provide pixel-perfect icons in modern file formats tailored specifically to your needs. With a cost-effective trial phase, you can witness the quality of my work for yourself.

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