Where to get icons for PowerPoint?

You can get icons for PowerPoint from different sources. In this post I will show you the most common ways where to get icons for PowerPoint presentations.


Because I am an independent designer and offer a large collection of icons with IconUncle, I would like to introduce you to my solution first.
IconUncle is a Microsoft verified add-in that gives you access to over 12,000 professionally designed icons without leaving powerpoint. The special thing about the icon library is that all icons match each other stylistically across sets. Moreover, you can download an unlimited number of icons per month and don’t have to worry about buying an extended license after a certain number of views. You can use the add-in for free for an unlimited time and get direct access to 1,750 free icons. With the premium plan you can unlock all icons and benefit from many productivity features that make working on your presentation easier.

where to get icons for powerpoint


  • large selection of relevant icons
  • user can submit wishes for individual icon requests
  • direct integration into MS Office
  • unified visual design language across all icon sets
  • more favorable conditions, because icons are purchased directly from the designer

Stock Vendors

Of course there are also a lot of online marketplaces where you have access to an extensive icon collection. There you will find millions of icons. From my point of view a large selection is not always better for productive use. There are many redundancies and because many designers submit icons it is very hard to find icons in a consistent style. Often there are also download limits per month and from a certain number of views of the media in which you placed the icon you have to buy an extended license to be legally on the safe side.


  • Largest selection of icons


  • Download limitations
  • extended license required if number of views is exceeded
  • no design of individual icons

Integrated icons

If you subscribe to Office 365, you have access to a stock library from Microsoft where you can also find icons. The themes and the number of icons are very limited compared to the solutions mentioned above. Especially for special use cases it is hard to find suitable icons.


  • included in Office 365 subscription
  • fast access directly in PowerPoint


  • Smaller selection
  • Almost only generic icons available

Where can I get icons for PowerPoint?

If you want to be on the safe side legally for your presentations, you should buy icons. this gives you the right to use the icons. Stock providers offer a wide range of icons, but the conditions are not always favorable. Personally, I also find it difficult when you have to constantly check whether a video or graphic in which you have integrated an icon has exceeded a certain threshold of click numbers and have to purchase an extended license to be legally safe. With my project IconUncle I try to take this worry away from you. The use of the icons is not bound to the number of hits. With the premium subscription you get access to all icons and numerous productivity features for you and your employees at a really fair price. Before that you have the possibility to test my solution free of charge and for an unlimited time without obligation.

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