Introductions for presentations: 35 ideas to excite your audience.

The first few minutes of a presentation usually make the difference between success and failure. Whenever I plan a presentation, I reach into the drawer under my desk. In it is a list »Introductions for presentations« that I have compiled over many years. It contains ideas for getting a good start to a perfect presentation. In this post, I want to share those ideas with you and help you find some inspiration for getting started with your presentation.

List of Introductions for presentation

  1. Tell a story of your own or someone else’s that fits your topic
  2. Start with a behind-the-scenes look
  3. Make a statement at the very beginning of your presentation
  4. Start with a scientific finding
  5. Theme the place you are in right now
  6. Survey the audience
  7. Open your presentation with a quote
  8. Give your audience a riddle
  9. What is your audience’s biggest problem right now?
  10. Introduce your presentation with a guessing question
  11. Respond to the previous speaker, if there was one
  12. What connects you to the audience
  13. Make a joke about yourself
  14. Talk about today’s topic
  15. Refer to your presentation title
  16. A rhetorical question
  17. Magic trick
  18. Mention a historical event
  19. Tell a fairy tale
  20. Justify your own presence
  21. Ask a joke question
  22. Start with a slogan
  23. Start with a fancy term
  24. Is there a good comparison?
  25. Start with a technical effect
  26. Start your presentation with a video or a slideshow
  27. Ask the audience
  28. Could you start your presentation with a numbers game?
  29. Change a well-known saying so that it fits your presentation
  30. Read something aloud
  31. Reveal a secret
  32. Start with a foreign language
  33. Open your presentation with a personal thought
  34. Start with a provocation (for brave speakers)
  35. Say the opposite to start your presentation

I have compiled this list over the years. Everyone has their own personal preferences and of course the introductions to the presentation need to be adapted to the audience.

There is a second list of Introductions for presentations

My second list is not a source of inspiration but a warning list of beginnings of a presentation that should be avoided in any case. I will gladly send you this list by e-mail. This list will protect you from starting the first minutes of your presentation wrong and thus endangering your whole presentation.

Receive the list by mail (soon available)

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