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Get a Logo: 3 ways to get a logo for your business.

After we’ve taken a catchy look at the quality criteria and requirements of your own logo, let’s move on to the actual design process. The first question to get a logo is usually to answer, “Who should design the logo?”

As entrepreneurs, we usually have three options to get a logo:

  1. local designer: we hire a designer from our region because we want a good on-site service
  2. remote designer: we hire a global designer via an online portal, who charges lower hourly rates due to his location. 
  3. DIY: We or an acquaintance have the necessary graphic expertise to design the logo ourselves (corresponding software recommendations are listed in the Resources chapter).

All options have advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends on what your own focus is. Is it just a matter of getting a favorable design proposal in the first place? Are you looking for a business partner who will also be responsible for future projects? 

The following view should help to make the right decision for our respective situation.

FocusRemote DesignerLocale DesignerDIY
I would like to save costs in the design process101
I want to invest little time in the design process110
I would like to have a consultation in addition to the design010
I want to completely control the design process myself001
I am also looking for a business partner for future projects010
I would like to support my region economically010
For now I just want a cheap design suggestion100
1 = probably; 0 = less likely

The design brief

There are many good reasons to commission the logodesign to a specialist. In this case, we should urgently take care to formulate the briefing as clearly as possible. The following template, which can also be loaded as a text file, serves as an aid. With the help of this template, the designer can perfectly align the desired logo with the company and its corresponding goals. 


  • The following name (company name) should be part of the logodesign:
  • Our company is in the following industry:
  • Our company color is (name color if applicable, RGB and CYMK values if known):
  • We have a house font:


  • Our logo should appeal to the following target group:
  • We want a design to convey the following company values:
  • We would like to place the logo primarily on the following media:
  • The logo should help us achieve the following corporate goal:


In which design direction should the logo go?

classic     modern
adult     youthful
feminine     masculine
playful     demanding
sparingly     luxurious
abstract     Literally
color reduced     colorful


  • The contractor transfers to us exclusive rights of use, unlimited in time and space.
  • Is it provided in a common vector file format (SVG, EPS, PDF)?
  • The logodesign will be delivered in RGB and CYMK color model. In addition, the Contractor shall provide a monochrome version of the logodesign.

Logo Checklist

If you decide to hire a designer, you will find a logo checklist in the next article of the series, which will help you to pass on all logo requirements to the hired designer. Even if you decide to design the logo yourself, the logo checklist will help you. To the logo checklist

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