Free icons for PowerPoint: 1,750 icons for commercial use

With IconUncle you get over 1,750 free icons for PowerPoint. This applies to all your commercial and non-commercial projects.

Icons for presentations

The icon collection includes many icons for presentations especially in education, for user interfaces and many other sets. For the full feature set and access to over 11,500 icons, including more corporate themes, I recommend IconUncle Pro.

where to get icons for powerpoint

The PowerPoint Icon Add-in

With the Microsoft verified IconUncle PowerPoint Add-in you can access the icons directly in PowerPoint and use them without having to switch program windows. If you are using another presentation software, you can also access the icons via the web interface with your account. This works from anywhere, even on your tablet computer or smartphone.

Free editable icons for powerpoint

These freely editable icons for PowerPoint are PowerPoint Vector Icons. So you can scale the icons unlimited and lossless to any size. In addition, you can use the color bucket in PowerPoint to adjust the color of the icons and the line tool to make the icons bold.

PowerPoint vector icons

You can scale the icons unlimited and lossless to any size. You can also color the icons in the way that best suits your presentation or your company.

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