Custom SVG Icons: Check these 10 things before ordering.

In the world of design, icons play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and functional interfaces. While there are numerous ready-made icon sets available, sometimes you may require icons that are unique to your brand or project. In such cases, ordering custom SVG icons can be a great option. However, before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand a few key factors to ensure a successful outcome. In this article, we’ll explore ten things you need to know before ordering custom SVG icons.

1. Purpose and Context


Before ordering custom SVG icons, define the purpose and context of their usage. Consider where and how these icons will be employed in your design. Understanding their intended function will help you provide clear instructions to the designer, ensuring that the icons align with your requirements.

2. Clear Design Brief:

To get the desired custom SVG icons, it’s crucial to communicate your requirements effectively. Provide a clear design brief that includes information such as the style, size, color scheme, and any specific elements or motifs you want to incorporate. The more precise your instructions, the better the chances of receiving icons that match your vision.

3. Research and Inspiration

Spend time researching and gathering inspiration before approaching a designer. Look for existing icon styles, explore different design trends, and compile a mood board or reference materials that reflect your preferences. Sharing these references with the designer will give them a better understanding of your aesthetic preferences.

4. Compatibility and Scalability


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format offers several advantages for icons, including scalability and compatibility across various devices and screen resolutions. Ensure that the custom SVG icons you order are scalable without loss of quality and can be easily implemented on your desired platforms.

5. File Formats and Delivery

Discuss with the designer the file formats you’ll need for your icons. While SVG is ideal for most situations, you may also require other formats like PNG or EPS for specific purposes. Confirm the delivery of the final files and ensure you have the necessary file types and sizes for your project.

6. Iterative Process and Revisions

Custom icon design often involves an iterative process. Understand that you may need to provide feedback and request revisions during the design stage. Establish clear communication channels with the designer to facilitate timely collaboration and ensure that the final icons meet your expectations.

7. Icon Consistency

visual consistant custom svg icons

If you’re ordering multiple custom SVG icons, strive for consistency in style, stroke weights, and proportions. Consistency helps create a unified visual language, ensuring that your icons work harmoniously together and reflect your brand’s identity.

Usability and Clarity:

Icons should be instantly recognizable and convey their intended meaning. When ordering custom SVG icons, prioritize usability and clarity. Test the icons in the context of your interface or project to ensure they effectively communicate their purpose without causing confusion or ambiguity.

Licensing and Ownership:

Discuss the licensing and ownership rights of the custom SVG icons with the designer. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use the icons in your project, whether it’s for commercial or personal use. Clearly define the terms of ownership to avoid any legal complications down the line.

Budget and Timeframe:

Custom icon design requires time and effort, so establish a realistic budget and timeframe for the project. Discuss these aspects with the designer and consider factors such as complexity, quantity, and delivery deadlines. Having a clear understanding of the budget and timeline will help you manage expectations and ensure a smooth collaboration.


Ordering custom SVG icons can add a unique touch to your design projects, helping you create a distinctive brand identity. By keeping these ten key factors in mind, you’ll be better prepared to communicate your requirements, collaborate effectively with the designer, and achieve the desired outcome. Remember, investing time and effort into the process will ultimately result in high-quality custom SVG icons tailored to your specific needs.

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