Logo Checklist: Your logo should have the following criteria.

Whether we design the logo ourselves or commission the design, what counts in the end is the quality of the logo. We can check the quality of our logo using the following logo checklist. It summarizes the key statements of the previous post and serves as a tool to keep the requirements for the logo clearly in view during the design phase.

Logo checklist:

Strategic requirements

  • I can identify well with my logo
  • The logo appeals to my target group
  • Other people also recognize the message of my logo
  • The logo is original and can be protected as a trademark
  • The logo is original and does not fulfill boring clichés

Technical requirements

  • Logo is available as editable vector file (EPS, SVG, PDF)
  • Editable project files are available (AI, PDF …)
  • Logo is available in RGB colors for display on screens
  • Logo is available in CYMK colors for print media
  • Black and white version is available

Design requirements

  • Logo is not defined by graphic effects
  • There are no disproportionate distortions present
  • The image element of the logo does not consist of clipart or stock footage
  • The image element of the logo is not a photograph
  • The logo is easily recognizable even in small representations
  • All elements of the logo are easily recognizable even in one color
  • Colors are chosen to match the communication
  • There is a clear color scheme
  • There is no garbled dash in the logo
  • The logo is rich in contrast
  • Line widths have been chosen so that they are easily visible even at small scales
  • Font weight was chosen so that it is clearly visible even at small scales
  • Logo design is not based on any current design trend
  • Logo text contains a maximum of two different fonts
    Clear design

Logo integration

  • Logo is not limited by narrow frame
  • Logo sits on neutral background
  • Logo is sufficiently differentiated from other graphic elements

Logo ressources

In the last post of the series, you’ll find an overview of helpful resources to assist you with your logo design.

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