Check mark icons: 5 easy ways to insert them in your documents.

Check mark icons are among the most used icons. They are handy in lists, presentations or to promote your own products or services. In this post, I’ll show you 5 ways to quickly and easily insert a check mark icons into your document.

1. Get the check mark icons in the preinstalled Wingdings font

  1. Open the application (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
  2. Select the Wingdings font, which is preinstalled on almost all computers.
  3. Hold down the ALT key and type the digits 0252 on your numeric keyboard

2. Use the Symbol button in MS Office

  1. Open PowerPoint, Word or Excel
  2. Click on the “Insert” tab
  3. On the right side you will find a button titled Symbols
  4. Double click on the checkmark icon to insert it into the selected text field.
howto add check mark icons in powerpoint
Use Symbol Button in the insert Tab

3. Copy paste method

In the following list I have included icons that you can check, copy and paste into the text field of your application. Depending on your operating system it is possible that the display differs.

4. Embedding checkmark symbols as an image

Also you can use classic images to embed checkmark symbols in your documents. I provide you with the following images for free. You can simply download them and use them in your documents.

5. Check mark icons for almost everything

If you need a lot of checkmark icons you can also use the free icons of my icon library. It also contains checkmark icons that help you to describe individual facts in your presentations. The library is also available as a PowerPoint add-in, so you can work comfortably in your program.

Just register for free and get access to thousands of icons for your presentations and documents. You will get immediate access to the icons after confirming your email address.

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