Startup Icons: 25×3 Icons for pitch presentations and websites.

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Iconset Description

A new set of startup icons that will help you visualize your ideas in pitch presentations, on websites and in your promotional materials. For commercial use ot these startup business icons, just sign up to iconuncle.

Overview of the newly added startup icons

Startup Icons (Outline Style)

Outline icons give your pitch presentation, pitch decks and websites a clean and minimalistic look.

Startup Company Icons (Filled Style)

The filled icons are particularly suitable for highlighting content. On websites you can also combine them with the outline icons to create elegant hover effects.

Startup Business Icons (Sketchy Style)

Sketchy icons are very popular with startups that deal with energy, eco-energy, regionalism and sustainability. They are also perfect for DIY and craft projects or for prototyping websites.

Icon list

Cloud, coding, cup, coffee cup, tea cup, deadline, calendar, alignment, strategy, currency, dollar, garage, growth, ecology, line chart, idea, lamp, megaphone, advertising, structure, hirarchy, presentation, rocket, smartphone, report, planning, blueprint, tablet, goal, team, stopwatch, data security.

Technical information:

  • all icons can be easily colored in the corporate color.
  • the supplied file format allows to enlarge the icons indefinitely, without quality loss
  • icons can be modified with the appropriate software.

Get startup icons with the PowerPoint add-in

If you are working on a pitch presentation I recommend the PowerPoint Add-in. After you create an account, you have access to all icons directly in PowerPoint. This allows you to work efficiently. If you use another program to create your pitch presentations you can also just use the webapp. This allows a clear display of the icon library even with small window sizes, so you can easily use it alongside your presentation software.

How do you get the icons?

The icons are part of the IconUncle icon library. After registration you have access to the webapp and can download the icons. Some icons require a Pro subscription.

Get these icons + 12,000 more with lifetime license for all your projects for just 49€. Learn more