Kitchen Icons: 35 Premium Icons for Commercial Use.

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Iconset Description

This icon set with 35 kitchen icons is perfect for restaurant owners, caterers or designers who create menus for customers.

Kitchen Icons (Outline Style)

Outline icons are one of the most popular icon styles. These icons integrate perfectly with already existing designs and at the same time offer a minimalistic stylish look. Most customers choose this icon style.

Kitchen Icons (Filled Style)

Filled icons are especially good for highlighting elements. They create attention and direct the focus. For a website navigation these icons can be combined with the outline icons, which allows very elegant hover effects.

Kitchen Icons (Sketchy Style)

This design look emphasizes sustainable and regional references of a restaurant. it looks authentic and especially beautiful with a handwriting as font.

Kitchen Icons (Thin Style)

For a minimalistic and clean look I recommend the thin line icon set. It puts your content in the foreground while the icons stay discreetly in the background. With this collection you can also add an outline to the icons later and vary the line width.

Kitchen Icons List:

Bottle opener, bowl, cereal, cheese, chef hat, chicken, oven, stove, stove top, pot, pan, boiled egg, egg timer, timer, fish, refrigerator, filter, funnel, glass, mug, jar, glove, kitchen timer, knife, measuring cup, meat, microwave, milk, bottle, milk carton, mixer, pizza cutter, plate, cooking pot, grater, sausage, sausage, spatula, tea pot, toaster.

Technical info:

  • You can easily color and edit the icons in your software. Thanks to the SVG file format you can also scale the icons to all needed sizes without quality loss
  • Besides the webapp you can also access the icons via the Microsoft verified PowerPoint add-in.
  • All icons have at least 5 meta tags, so you have quick access to the desired icon

How to get the icons

The Kitchen Icons are part of the Icon Collection by IconUncle. You can simply register and test IconUncle free of charge for an unlimited period of time. You get full access to all icons with the Pro Plan. Then you have access to more than 10.000 other icons.

Get these icons + 12,000 more with lifetime license for all your projects for just 49€. Learn more