Hotel Icons: 30 Icons in 3 Styles perfect for commercial use

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Iconset Description

Set with 30 hotel icons added to IconUncles icon library. Perfect for hotels and hostels, booking websites and apps. Professionally designed icons for commercial use in all your projects. The icons are available in different styles that perfectly integrate with your existing designs.


Outline Style:

Hotel Icons (Outline)

The outline hotel icons are perfect for a minimalist look. They can be easily integrated into your presentations, website or promotional materials.

Filled Style:

Hotel Icon Pack (Filled)

The filled icons are more eye-catching and draw focus to their content. They are suitable for offers and advertisements.

Sketchy Style:

Hotel Icon Set (Sketchy)

This style enhances the look of many DIY projects and gives your layouts an individual design character.

List of hotel icons included in the set

  • bed
  • receipt
  • luggage
  • hotel building icon
  • calendar
  • booking date
  • money
  • chef hat
  • restaurant
  • gloche
  • cocktail
  • bar
  • credit card
  • direction
  • route
  • sign
  • key
  • traveling
  • lobby
  • hotel manager
  • shower
  • bathroom
  • wellness
  • relax
  • sunset
  • water
  • ocean
  • gym
  • hotel booking icon
  • pictogramm hotel
  • hotel service icons
  • hotel management icon
  • hotel icon map

Technical information:

  • You can easily color the icons to their desired color.
  • All icons are in SVG file format and can be scaled lossless. Alternatively, for compatibility reasons, the icons are also available as high-resolution PNG files.
  • The vector icon file format allows you to edit icons, e.g. adjust line widths (additive).
  • With the pro plan you have access to all icons, which you can then use immediately for your commercial projects
  • Each icon has several meta tags with descriptions to find the icons easily.

Get the hotel icons?

Buy the icons in full resolution. Also, after the purchase you can use the icons with a license for all your commercial projects. In the download all styles are included as SVG and in PNG format.


May I use the icons commercially.

Yes after buying the icons you can use all icons for your hotel, presentation or other commercial projects. the use is unlimited in time and space. it is not allowed to resell the icons in this form or offer them as download.

Can I color the icons in my company color?

Yes, the icons are in svg file format. you can change the icons with common software just like the color of text.

Why are the icons in SVG format?

SVG is a modern format that allows you to easily colorize icons and scale them losslessly to any size. in addition, the file size is significantly smaller than for example jpeg or png, which leads to faster loading times of your websites and presentations and requires less storage space on your hard drive.

My application cannot open svg icons. What can I do?

By now, almost all programs should be able to open SVG files. Also new versions of Apple Keynote, Pages and Numbers. If your software still has problems opening SVG icons, I have also provided PNG icons in the download folder. Alternatively, you can also use online tools to recolor and edit SVG icons.

How do i get the hotel icons?

You can buy the icons cheap as svg file at this link. Or get the access to the IconUncle Pro Library. There you can find the hotel icons among many thousands of other SVG icons. The hotel icons are located among thousands of other icons of the IconUncle app. Simply register to try the app for free. With the Pro Plan you can use all icons commercially in unlimited projects. Register now for free

Hotel icons directly in PowerPoint

To display the hotel icons in powerpoint you need IconUncle Pro. You can also use the support icons directly in PowerPoint. With the free add-in you have direct access to the entire icon library.  Download add-in

Get these icons + 12,000 more with lifetime license for all your projects for just 49€. Learn more