IconUncle’s B2B-Partner-Program

Help others to communicate
more effectively.

Spread the word about IconUncle and earn up to 35% yearly.

What is IconUncle?

IconUncle provides access to one of the world’s largest visually consistent icon libraries. This allows organizations to quickly find the right graphics and helps enforce a consistent look for their promotional materials. Learn more

Why should you become a partner?

Besides attractive earning opportunities of the affiliate program, the most important thing is that you recommend something to your contacts which offers them a real added value.

IconUncle does this by helping people and organizations create presentations faster and easier with quick and easy access to a visually consistent icon library. Because the icons are purchased directly from the creator, IconUncle offers better terms than most stock portals. In addition, a carefree use of the icons is possible, because the usage rights are not linked to click numbers or number of views.

One of the highest rewarding affiliate programs.

25% for first year + long-term bonus for 2 additional years if the referred contact has been with us for at least 3 years.


One contact. Multiple commissions.

If the organization you recommended has more users who use IconUncle, your commission multiplies.

Calculate your commission

Enter the number of users in the recommended organization:

How it works

1. Sign up

Apply for our partner program; it takes less than two minutes and we typically approve applications within one business day.

2. Recommend

Send back the completed form with your and your recommended organization’s contact information. You will get free promotional assets including banners, sales copy to make promoting IconUncle easy for you.

3. Get Paid

We will will contact the organization you recommended and inform you about the payment of your provision as soon as possible.

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