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48 great sustainability icons to visualize the change!

Sustainability icons, also known as eco-icons or green symbols, are graphical representations that convey information about the environmental impact of products, services, or actions. These icons are used to help consumers make more informed choices that align with their sustainability values.

Sustainability Icons overview:

Set contains: carbon neutrality icon, business sustainability icon, green bonds icon, net zero emissions icon, carbon capture, green energy, windmills, eco friendly icon, eco packaging icon, climate action icon, carbon footprint icon, business sustainability icon …

Sustainability Icons

Use cases for sustainability icons:

sustainable icons
  1. Product Labeling: Sustainability icons can be prominently displayed on product packaging to indicate the product’s environmental attributes. This helps consumers quickly identify products that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, or made from sustainable materials.
  2. Food and Agriculture: In the food industry, sustainability icons can indicate products that are organic, non-GMO, locally sourced, or have a low carbon footprint. These icons guide consumers towards more sustainable food choices.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Icons can be used to denote energy-efficient appliances, vehicles, and electronics. This assists consumers in selecting products that consume less energy and contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Certifications: Various organizations offer sustainability certifications, such as Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Icons associated with these certifications provide assurance that products meet specific sustainability criteria.
  5. Waste Management: Icons can indicate products that are recyclable, compostable, or made from recycled materials. This encourages consumers to choose items that have a reduced impact on waste and landfill.
  6. Transportation: Sustainability icons can be used to signify modes of transportation that are environmentally friendly, like electric or hybrid vehicles, bicycles, and public transit options.
  7. Textiles and Fashion: Icons can denote clothing items made from organic fibers, sustainable textiles, or cruelty-free materials. This helps shoppers support ethical and sustainable fashion choices.
  8. Building and Construction: In the construction industry, icons can indicate materials, designs, and practices that promote energy efficiency, reduced water usage, and overall environmentally friendly construction.
  9. Tourism and Hospitality: Icons can guide travelers towards eco-friendly hotels, tours, and activities that prioritize sustainability and minimize negative environmental impacts.
  10. Financial Products: Sustainability icons can be used to indicate investments, banking services, and financial products that support environmentally responsible initiatives.
  11. Digital Services: Icons can be applied to digital products and services that have a low carbon footprint or promote sustainable digital practices, such as energy-efficient data centers or carbon-neutral websites.
  12. Wearable Technology: Sustainability icons can denote wearable devices that are energy-efficient, made from sustainable materials, and have minimal environmental impact.
  13. Beauty and Personal Care: Icons can be used to identify cosmetic and personal care products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from harmful chemicals.

In all these cases, sustainability icons serve as visual cues that help consumers quickly and easily understand the environmental attributes of products and services, enabling them to make more conscious and responsible choices.

Sustainability icons in 4 different styles:

All icons are available in different styles, so they integrate seamlessly into your corporate design. the sketchy style is unique, giving your presentations / labels etc a handmade look.




eco icons-filled





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