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66 data icons for clean presentations

IconUncle offers you access to over 66 data icons in editable SVG format, which you can easily customize to your desired color. This article shows data processing icon, data center icon, data management icon, metadata icon, dataset icon, data model icon, etc. all icons can be used commercially. some of the icons shown are only available after an upgrade to IconUncle Pro.

SVG Data Icons from the Icon Library

IconUncle offers a huge SVG icon library with over 12,000 icons. Including data icons that you can use in presentations, on websites or in sales brochures. You can edit all icons and adapt them to your company colors. All icons are based on a uniform design grid, so you can easily combine icons from different sets without visual breaks.

Data Icons for Charts

These data icons are particularly suitable for financial reports, performance reports and statistics.

data icons for charts
Data Icon SVG

Data Icons for Devices

There are many collections in IconUncle’s SVG Icon Set, including one with electronic devices and storage media. Here is a small selection of icons that can be very helpful for devices and function descriptions.

data icon svg for storage

Data Base Icons

These data base icons are suitable for applications, backend applications or for the functional labeling of database applications.

data base icon
Data Base Icons

How do I get the icons?

Register for free and get access to over 2,000 free svg icons, including a few data icons. Free registration is a good way to get to know the svg icon database risk-free and without obligation. With a one-time low-cost upgrade you have access to all 12,000 icons, including all of the icons shown here. You can also use the icons for all your commercial presentations, websites and brochures without having to refer to the source. You can find more information about the upgrade here.

Can I also use the icons commercially?

In the free version you can also use the icons available for commercial projects if you refer to the source With an upgrade you have access to over 12,000 icons that you can use commercially without having to refer to the author.

Why is it better to use svg icons instead of png icons?

Using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icons instead of PNG (Portable Network Graphics) icons offers several advantages. SVG icons are resolution-independent and can be scaled to any size without losing quality, as they are based on vector graphics. Additionally, SVG files are typically smaller than PNG files, leading to faster loading times and improved web performance. SVG icons are easily editable using text editors or graphic design software, allowing for customization without loss of quality, whereas PNG files, being raster images, are more challenging to edit. CSS can be applied directly to SVG icons for easy styling, enabling changes in colors, sizes, and other visual properties through style sheets.

SVG icons also support interactivity and animation through JavaScript, providing dynamic behaviors like hover effects or click animations. Accessibility features are easily implemented with SVG, allowing for color changes and high contrast. Embedding SVG icons directly into HTML markup reduces HTTP requests, improving SEO and overall website performance. Consistency in quality and appearance across devices is maintained with SVG, as they scale without loss of quality, while PNG icons might appear differently on high-resolution displays. Though SVG is favored for its advantages, PNG may still be suitable for certain cases, such as compatibility with older browsers or complex images. The choice between SVG and PNG depends on the specific requirements of the project.

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