Icons for Companies: Why you should look at this unique solution!

The range of icons for companies is extensive. Find out why IconUncle offers a unique solution for your company in this article.

A good corporate design manual includes the definition of icon styles.

Anyone who manages his company professionally pays attention to the definition and adherence to the coprorate design. A good corporate design is not only about visually attractive advertising materials. It also helps companies to design their corporate communication more efficiently. Thus, fonts and colors do not have to be searched for again and again, or adapted according to the preferences of team members. A corporate design manual is the basis in which all essential points are defined. 

A corporate design manual describes at least the following elements:

  • Logo details (dimensions, protective space, permissible applications).
  • Color concept (corporate colors with all relevant color values, use of colors)
  • Font concept (fonts, font sizes, font hierarchies)
  • Layout specifications/principles: Grid, basic structure, type area
  • language: claim, uniform designations, formulations and language styles
  • for websites: Page types, navigation, buttons, icons, tables
  • Image concept/image language/ icon styles

You see, the entire visual communication must form a unity. Ideally, it is enough if the customer only sees elements of the corporate design and directly associates our company with them. Just as important as a uniform font is a uniform image style. This also includes illustrations and icons.

Icons for Companies rarely exist in a uniform style

Online marketplaces often advertise with millions of icons. For the definition of icon styles in corporate design, I think the large selection is not really profitable. Online marketplaces collect icons from different designers, which naturally leads to an inconsistent style. I think a uniform icon style, over several thousand icons from one source, on the other hand, is rarely found.

Icons for companies in a visual consistent style. (icons shown are from IconUncle “Business Life” icon-set)

It is of great advantage to define the icons for the company in a single style. The search for matching icons in complex diagrams, e.g. for presentations, becomes much easier and faster. In addition, all the company’s media look uniform and professional. As with a uniform font, uniform icons can also contribute to a more professional appearance of the company and increase efficiency in the production of the corresponding content.

IconUncle offers premium icons for companies

I want to help companies with my project IconUncle. I want to improve their corporate communication with a visually consistent icon library. Also I want to optimize the efficiency of creating presentations, charts etc.

In addition to countless icons that the library already includes, my sets are designed to meet the exact needs of businesses. I worked with a team to develop an app that makes all the icons available in one central location to increase efficiency of your company. You’ll get an app that comes with a number of productivity features.

You can create your own set of icon favorites, find recently used icons directly in a view, and receive icon suggestions. I published all icons for commercial use. In addition, I’ll add new icons in the same style at regular intervals. As registered users, you’ll not only have access to the web interface with which the icons can be accessed. We created also a Microsoft certified add-in for PowerPoint. After logging in, all icons are directly available in PowerPoint. I would like to invite you and your company to test IconUncle free of charge and without obligation.